Dental Insurance

Designed to look after you or your family’s dental health, dental insurance can cover or contribute towards the costs of regular check-ups through to emergency treatments with an NHS dentist or a private practice.  At Private Medical Insurance NI we can provide you with a quick and easy online quote to check what dental insurance cover you, your family or your business can opt for.  Complete our online quote for a quick and confidential response.

How does dental insurance work?

Looking after our family’s oral health is of primary concern for many of us. Unfortunately from time-to-time unexpected dental treatments can occur – for example, a child needing orthodontist treatment or simply restorative treatments such as fillings, replacement crowns or root canal work. To help make the cost of these dental treatments more manageable, dental insurance can pay out against or contribute towards these unexpected or planned for treatments.

Insurance cover will also depend on the level of dental cover you opt for..

It’s important to check whether your dental policy will pay out in full or make a contribution towards the cost of treatments, whether they are routine or restorative. Check also whether your dental insurance cover applies to Northern Ireland as different policies may exclude full pay out against NHS treatments. Typically though, dental insurance cover will include; regular examinations, scale & polish, X-rays and any emergency treatment which may occur. Insurance cover will also depend on the level of dental cover you opt for with some insurance providers limiting the number of claims you make in any given year.

At Private Medical Insurance NI we can help compare the different dental insurance policies offered across Northern Ireland, tailoring a policy to suit you or your family’s needs.