What is private medical insurance?

Private Medical Insurance, or private health insurance as it is also known, usually provides comprehensive cover for the cost of private medical treatment for acute medical conditions – for example, short-term illness or injury. A health cash plan gives you cash back on routine or everyday healthcare bills, such as optician, dentist, orthodontist or physiotherapist costs, usually with set upper limits. Most private medical insurance or PMI providers cover Northern Ireland, but it’s always best to check to see that your chosen cover plan includes a fully comprehensive service to Northern Irish residents.

Is private medical insurance right for me?

None of us wishes to take ill or have to pay out for expensive health treatments, but when it does happen, we want to know that we can access the right treatment as soon as possible.   With a range of health insurance policies and cash health plans available, you can choose the level of cover to suit your medical needs and pocket.  With PMI you and your family will have peace of mind knowing that you can receive help towards paying for private healthcare treatment for acute health problems, curable illnesses and injuries.

What are the benefits of private medical insurance?

With a range of different health insurance policies available, you can choose a plan to suit your medical needs at a price you can afford. With access to some of the top private healthcare facilities across Northern Ireland, no waiting lists and the reassurance of private facilities in comfortable surroundings,  private health insurance will give you and your family peace of mind every time. So whether it’s for outpatient care or for regular orthodontic treatment for the children, you choose the level of cover and options you need to suit your individual circumstances.

What does private health insurance cover?

Private health insurance policy providers offer a range of different cover options. Some companies may exclude or offer limited cover for routine dental check-ups with others excluding pre-existing conditions and treatments for non-acute or ‘chronic’ conditions. Depending on your health needs and budget you may choose from a range of options which includes: out-patient cover, in-patient cover, day patient cover, orthodontic, chiropractic, dental, optical and everyday treatments and aftercare.

I have a pre-existing condition; can I still take out private health insurance?

Different private medical insurers have differing policy health insurance cover available. It’s important when applying online for a health insurance quote to give as much detail about you or your family’s health conditions as possible to ensure you get the right cover for your circumstances. When comparing various quotes it’s essential that you check whether your insurance provider has noted any exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions and remember cover may also vary based on your age, your current health regime, whether you are a smoker or not and the size of your family.

Can I insure my whole family with private medical insurance?

Yes. There are a range of family health cover policies available including comprehensive private medical insurance through to health cash plans which cover everyday costs of routine health and dental checks. Looking after our family’s health is a major concern for many of us. Should our children become unexpectedly ill we want to ensure that they can receive the medical treatment they need as soon as possible and somewhere that is convenient for the whole family. Many health insurance companies offer family medical cover in Northern Ireland as standard offering different levels of cover through monthly premiums or health cash plans.

What information do I need to provide for my health insurance quote?

Different Medical Health Insurance policies offer varying levels of cover – and this will affect the price you pay for your insurance. It’s important that you give as much detail about you and your family’s medical history and lifestyle choices. Some insurance providers may require you to fill in a medical questionnaire; so if you’re a non-smoker and lead an active and healthy lifestyle, it’s essential that you provide as much detail as possible to protect future payments. Existing medical conditions are not normally covered in health insurance cover, but it’s important to list any possible or potential illnesses that may occur in the future.

Is dental treatment covered in the insurance quote?

Designed to look after your dental health, dental insurance can cover or contribute towards the costs of regular check-ups through to emergency treatments with an NHS dentist or a private practice.  Typically, dental insurance cover will include: regular examinations, scale & polish, X-rays and any emergency or restorative treatment which may occur. It’s worth checking different policy providers as some offer varying levels of cover for various treatments as part of their private health insurance policy.  Check also whether your dental insurance cover applies to Northern Ireland as different policies may exclude full pay out against NHS treatments. At Private Medical Insurance NI we compare a range of specific dental insurance policies to suit you and your family’s needs.

I’m a business owner; can I provide health insurance for my employees?

In these tough economic times, our own health and that of our employees is of paramount importance. Business owners can no longer afford to have their employees off ill for long periods of time. Business health insurance can provide peace of mind through covering a range of health treatments including, and not limited to, out-patient cover, in-patient cover, day patient cover as well as cancer cover and mental health treatment. The benefits for businesses of taking out business health insurance are clear: quick access to medical treatments means employees can get back to work quickly after illness; your workforce will feel valued that you are investing in their, and in some cases, their families health too; reduced downtime due to sickness whilst waiting on lengthy waiting lists; demonstrating that you are a caring employer; and, of course, you and your staff will have peace of mind should they take ill that they will be provided with some of the best private medical treatment available in Northern Ireland.